We make intelligence smarter, quicker, easier

Data interception

Our intelligence solution is based on smartphone interception. Today, smartphones are the most valuable source of data. Smartphones are involved in every aspect of people's life. Whatever they do, wherever they go, whoever they speak to, the smartphone knows it all.

Flexible and scalable

Many challenges, one solution

Tactical needs

We build a full profile of your target by gathering all the pieces of the puzzle from a variety of sources. Intelligence is gathered through one standalone unit aimed at a nearby target.

Strategic needs

We monitor massive numbers of potential targets, showing you the global picture and emphasizing what interests you the most. Intelligence is gathered through a network of spread units, offering large geographical coverage, and sent to an analysis center.

Potential targets

  • Crime and vandalism
  • Terror, anti-espionnage
  • Drug trafficking
  • Penetration tests

Easy to use and discreet

We invest our best knowledge and effort to build a smart and easy to use system. Press on and it's working. We don't leave any traces. System can be operated from the palm of your hand, on your smartphone or tablet.

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